After flying about 16 hours from Zürich (Switzerland) via New York to Bogotá, I was really glad to discover the lights of Bogotá through the small air plane window. I felt quite tired and was also looking forward to leaving soon my narrow economic class seat in the packed airplane. A fresh breeze welcomed me when
During my stay in Bogotá, I used it a lot of times and found it very useful. However, on my first day when my plan was to discover the cover the beauty of the houses in La Candelaria, the Transmilenio service was shut down. I was told that the taxi drivers were protesting against recently murder cases of taxi drivers, demanding more security from the government. To emphasize their protest, they just blocked all the Transmilenio lines in the city center for a few hours. I saw other peaceful public protests in the streets of Bogotá during my stay. It didn’t frighten me, but I found it really good that people are politically active and are able to express their political views freely.

But not only the Colombians are very interesting and warm, their country shows an astonishing variety and beauty. In my second week in Colombia, I traveled to the Caribbean Coast by a 16-hour bus ride. Of course, it would have been much faster and more comfortable to take the airplane. But I like traveling by coach, because I can see the surrounding vegetation changing slowly and I get an idea of the Colombian life far from the cities.

I visited the wonderful lonely beaches surrounded by palm trees in Parque Tayrona, which seems to be a paradise for many backpackers from all over the world.

I left the plane and stepped down the stairs to the roll field.After fetching my backpack and passing the immigration control, I found my friend waiting for me in the entrance hall. I had not met him for long time. During the past years, he had suggested me a visit of his beloved Columbia several times. I hadn’t had time for it up to that time, but at that moment I finally arrived.

Cruising in the backseat through the still busy streets of Bogotá, I got the impression of a modern, well developed city with a lot of high buildings, all kinds of shops and shopping malls very similar to European cities. However, older parts of the town like La Candeleria still kept its charm and the people generally tend to be warmer and more open than in European cities and often have some time for a small chat. They are proud of their city and especially of its relatively new, fast and efficient transportation system Transmilenio.

I enjoyed the hospitality of Colombian friends in Santa Marta and was impressed by the beautiful houses in Cartagena.
I am very impressed by what I have seen of Colombia. I am looking through the many photos I have made. My stay was much too short too see all interesting sites, but I am sure I will visit Colombia once again…

By: Andreas Walser




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