Did you ever get tired of following one textbook as part of a language course?

We did, and firmly believe that the best way to learn is by using a variety of different materials.  Of course we use books, but we also use audio, video, magazines and newspapers, and the internet: essentially any material that will help you to learn Spanish effectively, without getting bored.

That is not to say our lessons don’t have structure, they most certainly do.  We aim to provide balanced programs that cover reading, writing, listening and speaking. If anything, our typical program focuses a bit more on conversation, as we believe this is the most important area. In fact, we have some students who take only conversation classes, it depends on what you, the student want - we´re here to cater for your needs, after all.

Hours Avaible

Many students have work or travel commitments and find it difficult to stick to a set program offered by many providers.  We offer flexibility in terms of hours, enabling students to get the tuition they need, at times convenient for them.

For example you may want 2 hours a day for 2 weeks and then to take a week´s break, you many want classes early each morning or in the evenings or weekends.  Whatever your requirments, we will try our best to accommodate them.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers are Colombian natives, and in addition have both a qualification in languages and experience in teaching Spanish. 

Furthermore, they have all received specific training at Langauge Online, to ensure that our methods are applied in a consistent manner.

Because of this consistency and high level of professionalism, we are able to provide a different teacher if your usual teacher is ill or on holiday for example, but without losing the continuity of your program.  A replacement teacher always knows the topics taught previously, ensuring a smooth transition.  Working with different teachers can also offer the advantage of experiencing different styles and accents.



Many people find studying in groups works for them.  We are not talking about very large groups where the lessons become like  attending a university lecture, but small (usually 2-6 people) interactive groups.

Group classes have the advantage of a lower per-person cost.  Please contact us for a quotation.








When considering Spanish Classes, price serves as an important benchmark.  However, perhaps more important is value for money. 

We do not offer the cheapest hourly rate on the market, nor are we the most expensive. The providers that offer cheaper hourly rates often require you to commit for tens or hundreds of hours to a program that you as yet no nothing about.  

Furthermore, we are flexible in terms of time and location, so you won´t pay for classes you can´t make (cancellation required 4 working hours beforehand). 

Students keep coming back to us because of the quality of our services. In addition,


Teaching kids is something completely different!  Methods that work with adults simply do not work. 

Kids require a much more fun and activity-based learning environment, something that we at Language Online have spent considerable time developing.

Of course, many of our principles remain unchanged, such as flexibility in terms of times and locations, and classes designed with students´ specific needs kept in mind.

Please contact us for more information.



There are a number of multinational (and national) companies in Bogotá with employees or consultants overseas, and we help them to achieve their goals in the Spanish language. 

The key here is providing classes tailored to the specific needs of the busy executive, offering flexibility in terms of hours and location, and giving classes that really focus on the individual´s or group´s specific needs.

This could include, for example, general spanish, business spanish,  or technical spanish, all combined with appropriate weightings to form a tailored program.


Our aim is to provide flexibility, and this includes location.  We are able to provide lessons in your office, home or hotel room at no additional cost.

We provide interpreters for business meetings to enable you to get your message across without misunderstandings - something of fundamental importance!

All of our interpreters are bilingual in Spanish and English, and we are also able to provide interpreters in other languages as well.


What makes a good translation?

Well, in our view, three things: Time, Cost and Quality.  Our Team consists of Colombians and Native English speakers working

together, and our experience means that we can deliver on all three of the aforementioned terms.

Contact us for a specific quote.

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