Chicaque - A place to breathe fresh air

Walking boots or sneakers in a good shape
Sweat suit
Raincoat or waterproof clothes.

Opening Hours:
The park is open every day between 8 am – 4 pm.

The entrance fee is 8.000 pesos

For more information call 368 31 14 / 368 31 18 or enter

The private park Chicaque is situated more or less 1 hour south of Bogotá
to be more exact just after the pay toll Mondoñedo. It is an excellent place for
treks in the 7 different types of forest and for observing various animals, among them many butterflies and over 200 different species of birds. The park is covered by a mystic cloud forest. In sunny days, it is possible to a get a marvelous view of the splendid valley which lies just below the park.
The park covers 300 hectare and is situated between 2100 and 2700 m above sea level. The temperature is normally between 11°C and 17°C. In total, the park has got up to 15 km of marked ecological treks. There are two treks which we especially recommend. The first one is a little bit longer and leads you to a viewpoint on a small beautiful cliff and the other one goes to a small, refreshing waterfall. 
The park is equipped with a good infrastructure which includes camping areas, cabins and a Swiss style simple hotel in the lower part of the park. The trek down to the hotel is sometimes slippery, thus we recommend good sneakers or walking boots. The picturesque restaurant in the hotel sells some sweets and a rich variety of different dishes. While you are waiting for your ordered food you might play one of the many available table games. Most of the days there is also an open fire in the center of the restaurant for warming up people who feel cold after the trek. To get back from the hotel, it is possible to ride on horses back to the parking area.

How to get there:

There are two ways of getting there:
1. Take road 13 or road 80 and follow the road to Girardot, just after the pay toll Mondoñedo turn left and you will find the entrance on the left hand side.

2. Take the motorway south to Soacha and follow the road which passes by Indumil, a few kilometers after Indumil you will find the entrance on the left hand side.

From the entrance to the park, it is a few kilometers on an unpaved road.

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